Photo by Melissa Hamburg

Photo by Melissa Hamburg


Seeing that Katy Frame is a quintessential/slightly demented All-American Girl, it's fitting that she was born in our nation's capital, Washington DC. Raised in Maryland, she now calls Brooklyn her home. She may look sweet on the outside, but don't be fooled! This salty lil' lady is all about crass, sass, and a... well you get it... Full of grit and the determination to let her star shine, she packed up and moved to NYC at the tender age of 18. She attended Barnard College, Columbia University where she first fell in love with improv and sketch. After arriving, she promptly changed her major from Biology to Music & Dance (not telling her parents until graduation) and hasn't looked back since! 

Though this wild flower ultimately found her passion was not only in acting but in writing, song writing, and comedy, she started out her career in musical theatre performing in many Off-Broadway shows in NYC. When Katy isn't gate checking her guitar and shoving her accordion below undersized Delta Airline seats while traveling the world with her comedy band Reformed Whores, she can be found acting in all sorts of cool projects. She has gotten to act alongside Will Smith and Josh Brolin in the blockbuster Men in Black 3, she's been directed by Wet Hot American Summer's Michael Showalter for the MTV pilot Blogger Girls, and she was featured in and co-wrote music for the Warner Brothers web-series My Dad is in a Boy Band, where her song "45 Is The New 15" was featured on The Today Show! You can also find Katy in a bunch of other projects like College Humor videos, and short films but be sure to catch her in full uni-brow in the upcoming web-series PLANT and in IFC's Commuters on Comedy Crib. 

Favorite theater roles include Stella in A Street Car Named Desire, Louisa in The Fantasticks, and most recently Katy played the leading lady, 23, in The Bleeker Company’s Somewhere With You at the New York Musical Theater Festival.


"Katy Frame as “23” is spellbinding, hooking the audience with her warped ingénue character who has been weathered by life, showing a range and hardened exterior rarely seen in performers her age. Her Vaseline smile seems numbed by Novocain and peppered with pain."

- The Broadway Blog

"Frame is truly compelling as 23, navigating her expertly through her junky, reformed, and heartbroken periods, while never letting us question that all those traits could believably exist within this one broken woman."

- Talkin' Broadway

"In the wake of Rush Limbaugh’s Slut-Gate, the Reformed Whores are now my favorite band—and they make me proud to be a fellow college-degree-holding, responsible-birth-control-using slut."

- Glamour Magazine

 "Female comedy duo Reformed Whores sings about the things you want to say but don’t have the guts to. Wrapped in country music, Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson bring beautiful looks and voices to audiences across the nation."

- Splitsider